Luxtrada is a high-end yet affordable American luxury brand of women’s shoes, handbags, leatherworks, eyewear, jewelry, accessories and much more. All of our products are made using supreme quality materials. The unique fashion designs are created in California with inspiration lying heavily on world-famous beaches such as Santa Monica, Venice, Laguna and Newport Beach. One example that sets Luxtrada apart from other fashion designers is the stunning BIKINIbility collection design that will always catch the eye. The signature Bikini footwear is like none other in its class, with undeniable beauty. It can be customized with elegant pearls and gold chains along with crystal gems. Swarovski® has a similar vision to bring beauty and charm to women world-wide. We work together as co-branding and now you can enjoy genuine sparkling crystals and pearls from Swarovski on many of the Luxtrada products. With US patents and international patents also covering many different areas of fashion, Luxtrada works very hard to ensure all of our products are sophisticated and elegant, offering fashionable luxury at affordable prices.




The “Luxtrada” name came to life while Penny was attending a charity ball of a fellow designer. While engaging in a conversation with a group of guests on the movie “Tango”, Penny gazed upon the dance floor, and was suddenly reminded of the elegant dance movement “La Strada”. Watching women extend their leg as they dance and show-off the beauty displayed on their feet inspired Penny to incorporate La Strada into his brand name. With Penny’s affordable luxury concept in mind and the elegance his brand represents, the name Luxtrada was created. A short time later, Penny decided on a logo design. The Luxtrada logo is a unique representation of the letter ”L” that has been curved into an open heart shape. Penny chose to place four of them together to form a cloverleaf. This logo represents the same values the Luxtrada brand envisions: Love, Faith, Hope and Luck. The cloverleaf is believed to represent each of the four values, one for each of its leaves. When the eye catches the logo, one will know it represents the elegance and confidence of Luxtrada.